My name is Markiian Benovskyi. I am a software developer, currently, I work in London. My main stack is Java-React-Python.

I decided my path to become a software developer a long time ago. During the early 00’s I had an old Toshiba laptop, with 0.7 GHz CPU and 384 MB RAM. I managed to install an old Visual Studio on it and write my first “Hello, World” application in C.

Since then a lot of time passed (15+ years).

I went to Physics and mathematics Lyceum in Lviv, and graduated from the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, with my BA degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. During my last year at university, I got deeply interested in artificial intelligence and neural networks. Before that, I was only able to write a Game Of Life and watch its magic.

While continuing my study at university, I started to work as a Unity3D developer. At the same time, I began to work on my first game project that soon was released as 80s Runner. This was an amazing experience to begin with and a great start of my career.

At both my work and my hobby projects I was learning fast and developing strong communicative skills and enhancing professional knowledge.

My game project 80s Runner won as a Game of The Year on Rookies in 2018, which was a great achievement for me before big changes came.

After this I have moved to London, and got a new job, working as a Software Developer with a different stack consisting of many technologies the major ones of which are: Java, Python, ReactJS, Typescript.

While I do my work, I also have my other personal projects that I work on. Those include updates to the current release of my first game – 80s Runner, my second game involving flying, my research projects and my hobbies.

Besides, the biggest thing that gives me energy, confidence and strengthens my beliefs is my Love. I believe that there is no creativity, no excitement and no growth without love. I am grateful to have such tremendous support.